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Make an Automatic Bird Feeder

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Home of the Week: Couple sails into serenity in Saefern -

Intrigued, Bingman welcomed the opportunity to crew for her when Teague purchased her own sailboat. One of her friends owned a boat, and she was a member of his crew. The friend also crewed with one of his friends, Bruce Bingman, who works for the Department of Defense. Source:

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  • Franchise focuses on all things feathered

    03/10/17 ,via CT Post

    Wild Birds Unlimited sells bird seed, bird feeders, birdbaths, garden benches, wind chimes and more. Chris Petherick, owner of the recently opened Fairfield store, said its goal is to help customers solve problems and better appreciate their backyards.

  • Home of the Week: Couple sails into serenity in Saefern

    03/25/17 ,via

    Seeds in a birdfeeder near the window are being devoured by a tiny bird with a hint of yellow on its breast. "There are lots of birds here," said Teague Its centerpiece is a harpsichord made by Bingman from a kit 35 years ago. It is the third one

  • Dr. Dirt: Start new hydrangea plants with cuttings

    03/17/17 ,via Indianapolis Star

    A pH soil test kit can be found at most of the larger garden centers and nurseries. The ideal pH would Dear Dr. Dirt: The raccoons have bent over a shepherd's crook holding a bird feeder and then obviously eaten most of the bird seed. They have

  • New Lego-Compatible Blocks Teach Kids to Code

    03/08/17 ,via Tom's Guide

    Parents looking to give their kids a leg up in school and a head start on the 21st century job market have a new option in MakeBlock's Neuron electronic building block platform. Available for pre-order on Kickstarter in several different kits, Neuron

  • Geoff Fox: The Interview | WTNH Connecticut News

    (WTNH) — People come and go in the news business, but others stay in one place a long time and become entrenched in their community. Those of you who 

blackandwhite birdfeeder kitlens feeder 1855mm canonefs1855mmf3556 1855mmweek
bird feeder, everytime I walk by it I want to take it's picture. today started my kit lens week, I actually kinda like these, that might change, but as of right now I kinda do, I'm still dreading this week though,...
Photo by h0usep1ant on Flickr
phidgets mologogo gpschimes
gps chimes: original set up
the original set up, with the chimes dangling in a slightly modified bird feeder (that is, a bird feeder kit that I put together wrong so I could use it for this project). Final result is similar, just with more...
Photo by keopuka on Flickr