Bird Feeder Parts

How to make ● a SQUIRREL PROOF Bird Feeder

It allows birds to enter to get to the bird seed but.

house bird olympus wren
This house wren showed up at a bird feeder outside my window in a snowstorm during the coldest part of the winter. I made sure there was food but didn't think it would make it through. I am not sure but a couple of...
Photo by mtphelm on Flickr
raccoon racoon redwoodtree climbingraccoon raccooninatree dawnspet
Raccoon in my Redwood
This is Sam, my raccoon, climbing the redwood tree in my yard. Well, he's not actually my "pet," but he lives under my deck and eats the birdseed in my bird feeders, so I guess I can call him part of the...
Photo by *~Dawn~* on Flickr
harpswell maine baileyisland wildturkey male caruncle wattle snood snow winter
Wild Turkey
We discovered a flock of wild turkeys on Bailey Island who seemed to be taking advantage of seeds that were under a bird feeder. There is a lot of snow on the ground in most places and that make make it more...
Photo by Me in ME on Flickr