Bird Feeder Recipe

Bird Feeders Kids Can Make: The Easy Way to Make a Bird Feeder

So fun and easy kids can make it. Feed your feather friends any time of the year with this fun and simple bird feeder.

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White-breasted Nuthatch Rear View Leaving
Project: Backyard Pishing; Private Residence, Talking Rock, Pickens County, North Georgia, USA Date: 2013.05.07; Very damp from INCHES of rain, more rain later in day Camera: Kodak Z740 Zoom This is the followup shot...
Photo by Cindy Sue Causey on Flickr
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Acrobatic GSW
My new visitor pecking at my homemade fatball (thanks for the recipe - Alan)
Photo by MICOLO J Thanx 4, 3m views on Flickr