Bird Feeder Stands

Bird feeder PVC pole

How I created a squirrel proof bird feeder pole out of PVC pipe and a treated 4x4. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Starring ComedianArtistBen7".

chair woodchuck groundhog adirondack
Two Lurkers
Niblet quietly watching from her perch on my adirondack chair, hoping I'll throw her some peanuts. Occasionally I'll see her standing on my kayak, looking at my windows hoping I'll appear and throw her something to...
Photo by anoldent on Flickr
house stand wooden palace levels storeys
Bird Palace
Photo by mikecogh on Flickr
test bird welding feeder
Bird Feeder
First prototype for a feeder stand. We have 6 feeders around the house, and the stands I built for those were boring. This one is just a test. I am considering purchasing a scroll bending tool to make it a bit...
Photo by nfspw on Flickr