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If you are planning on giving someone a birdfeeder, why not make it yourself and make your gift extra special.

Fábrica del Alemán
Antigua conservera del siglo XIX, abandonada desde 1955 y hoy en ruinas. Es conocida como "Fábrica del Alemán" por su último propietario, Otto Gerdtzen, un empresario alemán que se instaló en Vigo en 1893 y...
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Bird feeders
Most of them are good at supplying feed but bad at stopping rodents from 'stealing' the birdfeed
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The Hummingbirds of Namu, BC (5)
Namu, on the central coast of the BC mainland, used to be a seafood cannery. I'll supply facts and figures later, when I post photos of the ruins and remaining buildings. Today, a handful of people live a Namu,...
Photo by A.Davey on Flickr