Bird Feeder Tube

bird feeder tube

org/ "bird feeder" "bird feeders" "bird feeder tube" "squirrel proof bird feeder" Tube design bird feeders are amongst the most preferred feeder.

birds vögel greattit parusmajor vogel kohlmeise tubefeeder vogelfuttersäule
Feeding season has started
Poecile palustris or Poecile montana (marsh tit or willow tit, Sumpfmeise oder Weidenmeise) and Parus major (great tit, Kohlmeise). Feeding time has just begun the weather is very grey and gloomy though and therefore...
Photo by stanzebla on Flickr
greattit parusmajor mésangecharbonnière kohlmeisen
One more photograph of the birds at the tube feeder. There were 10 minutes of sun two days ago. Hurray. (sigh) Great tit and a flying blue tit (Parus major, Kohlmeise, Mésange charbonnière, Parus caeruleus, Blaumeise,...
Photo by stanzebla on Flickr
house bird canon tube 55250 t2i
Glass Tube Bird House
Bird houses at my mother in law's house. Taken with Canon T2i and 55-250mm lens.
Photo by chawkfan91 on Flickr