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Let me know if you want plans for the bird houses.

Latest News

  • Oregon's wildest world might be in your own back (or front) yard

    03/25/17 ,via

    Hawks - The Cooper's is more common in urban settings than the smaller and strikingly similar sharp-shinned hawk; both prowl urban bird feeders; Cooper's squeezes prey (larger birds and small mammals) with talons; sharp-shinned catches prey (mostly 

  • For the birds: It's easy to get started back yard feeding

    02/24/17 ,via Port Huron Times Herald

    She has one feeder set up during the winter; during the spring and summer, she'll add hummingbird sugar water feeders to the mix. "I think there's a couple of reasons (for bird feeding)," she said. "People just enjoy watching the birds, and people feel

  • NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Celebrating Spring

    03/24/17 ,via

    After a night in the fridge (I'm thankful my husband didn't go for a late-night snack and think they were for him) and a careful push with my thumb, I was able to pop out some cute star- and heart-shaped bird feeders for my yard! I love that you can

  • The heat and deer kept killing their plants, so they came up with a solution

    03/23/17 ,via Belleville News-Democrat

    The back and side yards are shaded by towering oak trees, but much of the front yard takes direct sun. The Boruttas keep mulch closest to the house, with burning bush, daisies and yuccas, along with some other low plantings. A sprawling Rose of Sharon

  • Backyard bird feeding for spring

    03/03/17 ,via North Platte Telegraph

    Many bird migration routes take our feathered friends much further north than where we are located. If you have well-stocked bird feeders in your yard, these migrating birds will stop to re-fuel. They will also remember these areas from year to year

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Photo by The McGee on Flickr