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NEW! - Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder vs. Squirrel

You bought bird seed for the birds, so why are the squirrels the only ones enjoying it. Watch us teach the furry little rascals a lesson with the Perky Pet SBGII bird.

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"Squirrel Proof" Bird Feeder
The mesh around the bird feeder clearly keeps the squirrels away from the bird seed.
Photo by photofarmer on Flickr
squirrel bird feeder
squirrel feeder
He puts just the right amount of pressure on the push bar to gain access to the seeds. Squirrel-proof feeder, my Aunt Fanny.
Photo by normanack on Flickr
Squirrel proof?
Sticking these empty coke bottles over the tops has prevented the little varmints hanging down off the tops of the feeders. Bending the arms of the feeder out a bit means they can't stretch out far enough from the...
Photo by peganum on Flickr