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  • 2017 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix countdown begins

    02/23/17 ,via Al-Bawaba

    “We have had an excellent response to our Early Bird discount and tickets continue to sell fast.” Continuing Al Mahdy said, “We are It is widely accepted as the chief feeder series to Formula 1, this single-seater championship will be holding its

  • This Woodpecker Will Drill Into Your Skull And Eat Your Brains—If You're a Baby Dove

    01/04/17 ,via Smithsonian

    My point: Woodpeckers are beautiful, brilliantly-adapted birds that have found a way to thrive across a diverse range of habitats by eating whatever they can get their clever little tongues around. You can call them needle-nosed zombies because they

  • Popular poppy bird-feeders are raising funds for Dumfries branch of Royal British Legion Scotland

    11/04/16 ,via Scottish Daily Record

    Giant poppy bird feeders are again proving a cast-iron way to boost the funds of Dumfries branch of Royal British Legion Scotland. Alistair Bertram, managing director at Garden Wise on Castle Douglas Road, Dumfries, came up with the idea of selling the 

  • The Killer Cats Are Winning!

    We know that nature's theater bristles with industrious carnivores and omnivores—hawks that pluck cardinals right off a bird feeder, squirrels that grab eggs from crows' nests, and crows that grab babies from squirrels' nests. What makes . To

  • ENJOYING NATURE: Hawk identification simplified

    02/01/17 ,via Crossville Chronicle

    If you put bird feeders out to feed the birds, you may be shocked to see a hawk come zooming by and pick off one on your cute little songbirds. That hawk is a type of hawk called an accipiter. Accipiters are short winged, long tailed, highly


  • Agatha Parrot and the Zombie Bird

    Egmont UK. 2012. ISBN: 9781780312477,1780312474. 240 pages.

    Agatha Parrot is the most exciting and hilarious comedy series since Mr Gum! But don’t take our word for it . . . take hers! We had a battle of magic at Odd Street School! A magician came to do a show and he tried to hatch a scary Zombie Bird out of a silver egg. Eeky-freak! But thanks to Bianca's trombone, a secret trapdoor, and Martha being invisible ...the Zombie Bird turned out to be the funniest thing ever ha ha! (If you're scared of magic like our friend Ellie, don't worry. This book...

  • Zombie Buddy

    Lulu.com. ISBN: 9781257767458,1257767453.
  • Dearly, Departed: A Zombie Novel

    Del Rey. 2011. ISBN: 9780345523334,0345523334. 480 pages.

    A classic romance, suspense thriller, rip-roaring adventure, and macabre comedy all at once, Dearly, Departed redefines the concept of undying love. CAN A PROPER YOUNG VICTORIAN LADY FIND TRUE LOVE IN THE ARMS OF A DASHING ZOMBIE? The year is 2195. The place is New Victoria—a high-tech nation modeled on the mores of an antique era. Sixteen-year-old Nora Dearly is far more interested in her country’s political unrest than in silly debutante balls. But the death of her beloved parents leaves...

  • Zombie Raccoons & Killer Bunnies

    Penguin. 2009. ISBN: 9781101145326,1101145323. 320 pages.

    From a farmer at war with Nature?s creatures, to dangerous doings when the henhouse goes on-line, to the hazards of keeping company with a book wyrm, here are ingenious tales that will make readers laugh or cry?or double-check to make sure that their windows and doors are firmly locked against the things that prowl the night.

  • The Bird Feeder an american novel.

    "The Bird Feeder". ISBN: 9780979441202,097944120X.

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