Bird Food Container

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Bath Time!
A female blackbird enjoying an opportunistic bath in a rain filled discarded food container in my neighbour's garden.
Photo by foxypar4 on Flickr
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Covered Ossuary with Birds and Cicadas LACMA M.2004.258
Wikimedia Commons image page Description Title Covered Ossuary with Birds and Cicadas Description : Korea, Unified Silla Dynasty, 668-935 : Furnishings; Accessories : Wheel-thrown stoneware with stamped...
Photo by on Flickr
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Parrot's Beak
Common Name: Heliconia, Psittacorum, Parrot's Beak, Parakeet flower Botanical Name: Heliconia psittacorum (syn. Bihai psittacorum) - [ (hel-ih-KOH-nee-uh) named for Helicon, the mountain of the muses in Greek...
Photo by dinesh_valke on Flickr