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streetphotography haagendazs pentagoncity march2006 11march2006 pentagoncityva orangesorbet pineappletopping shoppingwhileblack
Haagen Dazs . Pentagon City Mall . Arlington VA . Saturday noon, 11 March 2006 March 20 was nearing and in a similar way as I had done with other historic events that I had documented, over the years, I planning a...
Photo by Elvert Barnes on Flickr
barcelona birds aves nightingale rossinyol ocells lusciniamegarhynchos remolar deltallobregat ruiseñor
ruiseñor 01 - rossinyol - rufous nightingale - luscinia megarhynchos
EL RUISEÑOR Y EL EMPERADOR THE NIGHTINGALE AND THE EMPEROR En China, como sabes muy bien, el Emperador es chino, y chinos son todos los que lo rodean. Hace ya muchos años de lo que voy a contar, mas por eso...
Photo by ferran pestaña on Flickr
flower coffee canon suffolk market continental carousel fair flowermarket burystedmunds continentalmarket
Bury St Edmunds 31-05-10
Continental Market Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk is a unique and dazzling historic gem. An important market town with a richly fascinating heritage, the striking combination of medieval architecture, elegant Georgian...
Photo by Dave Catchpole on Flickr