Bird Food Eating

Hilarious and Ironic Video of Several Black Birds Eating the Cat Food While the Cats Watch

A hilarious and very ironic display of several black birds eating from an outdoor bowl of cat food while the cats are watching from inside the house.

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Coal Tit
Latin name Periparus ater Family Tits (Paridae) Overview Not as colourful as some of its relatives, the coal tit has a distinctive grey back, black cap, and white patch at the back of its neck. Its smaller, more...
Photo by NottsExMiner on Flickr
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Yellowhammer Nest 10.07.11
Latin name Emberiza citrinella Family Buntings (Emberizidae) Overview Males are unmistakeable with a bright yellow head and underparts, brown back streaked with black, and chestnut rump. In flight it shows white...
Photo by NottsExMiner on Flickr
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Ready for chocolate
The peanut butter center of my peanut butter cups, recipe below
Photo by Marntzu cook on Flickr