Bird Food For Finches

Finch Diaries - My Bird Food Breakfast

Some of finch friends joke that their finches eat better than they do. Many years ago, before I understood how important eating simple foods is, I might have said.

feeding goldfinch finch lessergoldfinch spinuspsaltria lindatanner goingslo itsinmynaturephotography
Hey Dad - I'm Hungry Again
The first of three consecutive back-lit shots where this little Lesser Goldfinch baby begs for food from Dad. As soon as he is fed he immediately begins the begging again. As frazzled as the dad might be he stays...
Photo by goingslo on Flickr
autumn bird oak goldenhour
Yellow bird and oak leaves
A finch perhaps?
Photo by sonstroem on Flickr
cute bird birdie finch hawaiian tropical
A cute Hawaiian bird begs for food. This little bugger stands on board shorts hung over the lanai railing.
Photo by Chris Hunkeler on Flickr