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Wild Bird Food : What Do Robins Eat?

Robins tend to switch their diet seasonally, so they eat insects during the summer months and seeds during the winter months.

Robins have shown ability to cope with change - Herald Times Reporter

This winter, many of them are around, and I'm pretty sure that it's both because the winter has been unusually warm and because a lot of people like to plant crabapples and other flowering trees that eventually produce fruit. Source:

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  • Gardening for Bird Habitat

    03/23/17 ,via Sonoma County Gazette

    It is a very pretty sight to watch these gorgeous little birds feast on delicate cherry blossoms. A Persimmon tree with fruit will feed American Robins, Cedar Waxwings, House Finches, and even woodpeckers like the Northern Flickers and Nuttall's

  • Robins have shown ability to cope with change

    03/18/17 ,via Herald Times Reporter

    Robins are common birds here, and I think, more than most things, represent an example of the kind of ecological reorganization that's happening around us. We're forcing changes on the natural world to the good of some species, and the Robins

  • Robins are everywhere, but here are some facts you might not know

    03/13/17 ,via Island Packet (blog)

    Common and widespread throughout most of North America, robins must be one of our best-known, best-loved birds. Also, of course, they Their main winter food is fruit, and flocks shift from place to place depending on what's locally available

  • Minnesota and the Great Outdoors - Yes, those are winter robins you're seeing

    02/23/17 ,via Crookston Daily Times

    "It is a surprising fact that a large number of a migratory birds like the Robin should have the migratory instinct held in abeyance simply by an abundant food supply, and should remain so far north of the usual winter habitat their numbers were

  • WCROC's Features from the Farm

    02/27/17 ,via Morris Sun Tribune

    Winter is certainly a prime time for feeding birds since natural foods are less abundant and the cold weather brings resident birds more frequently to the feeder. American robins, gray catbirds, blue jays and northern cardinals are attracted to


  • The Bird Almanac

    Firefly Books. 2017. ISBN: 1552979253,9781552979259. 460 pages.

    Comprehensive guide to all aspects of avian biology, including anatomy, reproduction and mortality of bird species worldwide.

  • What the Robin Knows

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2012. ISBN: 9780547727417,0547727410. 272 pages.

    Includes bird language vocalizations. Companion audio files are also available at A lifelong birder, tracker, and naturalist, Jon Young is guided in his work and teaching by three basic premises: the robin, junco, and other songbirds know everything important about their environment, be it backyard or forest; by tuning in to their vocalizations and behavior, we can acquire much of this wisdom for our own pleasure and benefit; and the birds' companion calls...

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    Random House. 2011. ISBN: 9781446497043,1446497046. 336 pages.

    The perfect bedside read from the world's best-loved, best-selling writer of the Expert gardening books. There are times when we simply wish to read about our hobby and not be badgered by advice. If you enjoy reading about plants whether or not you can grow them, or enjoy discovering gardens you may never visit and could never hope to match, or are keen to learn how people gardened in the past and what they have contributed to our gardens today, then this is the book for you. It includes...

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uk summer reflection eye nature robin birds canon garden bokeh wildlife sigma d500 128 7020
If you ZOOM in, you will see, my house in the eye the size of a pea!
And it rhymes lol, she's looking less disheveled since her new feathers have grown back with a successful moult.
Photo by pipilongstockings on Flickr
robin jacob brandon marsh spinks
Evil Stare
Taken at Brandon Marsh with my friends Louis and Andy. Didn't go in any hides today at Brandon as most of them were flooded. The UK's favourite bird - with its bright red breast it is familar throughout the year and...
Photo by Wildlife Boy1 on Flickr
robin birds nikon bbcwinterwatch
Bluey robin
I liked the blue background on this robin shot which is the reflection of a public waste bin
Photo by MICOLO J Thanx 4, 3m views on Flickr