Bird Food Millet

Excited Zebra Finches Enjoying a Millet Bird Seed Spray

bird birds wildlife fabaceae madagascar tamarind drongo tamarindtree dicruridae dicrurus amboasary cresteddrongo dicrurusforficatus drydeciduousforest kaletareserve taxonomy:binomial=tamarindusindica taxonomy:binomial=dicrurusforficatus tamarindusindicus
Crested Drongo in Tamarind tree
Kaleta Reserve, near Amboasary in southern Madagascar. The bird is sitting in a Tamarind tree. From Wikipedia - Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) (from Latinization of Arabic: تمر هندي tamar Hind "Indian Date")...
Photo by wallygrom on Flickr
blue mountains history hat blackheath outsider hill william recluse hermit murphy hermits
William Andrew Murphy (1846 -1927) the Hermit of Hat Hill Road, Blackheath,
Notes: the following is based a transcription from an oral history recording held by Blue Mountains City Library. Mr Murphy as remembered by Jack and Ted Harris who, during their schooldays, became acquainted with...
Photo by Blue Mountains Local Studies on Flickr
macro birdseed millet birdseeds birdfeed birdfeeds
Study of Macro DOF(Depth of Field) using Bird Seeds. It was taken at f8. Lens EF50/f1.8 wirh EF12II and NL5 Close Up filter lens.
Photo by Hidenori Inagaki on Flickr