Bird Food Nuts

Chipmunk caught red handed....kinda

This guy has been raiding my feeder.

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Coal Tit
Latin name Periparus ater Family Tits (Paridae) Overview Not as colourful as some of its relatives, the coal tit has a distinctive grey back, black cap, and white patch at the back of its neck. Its smaller, more...
Photo by NottsExMiner on Flickr
nuts kingston pizzaexpress
A rather nice dish of nuts and seeds that Kevin described as "looking like bird food" at Pizza Express in Kingston. It was actually very tasty.
Photo by Steve Parker on Flickr
Jatropha curcas (Physic nut, Barbados nut) Fruit at Kula Agriculture Park, Maui, Hawaii. June 20, 2012 #120620-7546 - Image Use Policy
Photo by Starr Environmental on Flickr