Bird Food Pellets

Jan 22, 11:30 PST

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Converting your bird to pellets

Some birds take to pellets very easily, but others will need a little more persuading.

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American Flamingo or Caribbean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber)
The National Zoo has a flock of dozens of American (or Caribbean) flamingos, which are found in the wild in the Bahamas, Cuba, Bonaire, the Yucatan, Venezuela, and the Galapagos. This species has black flight feathers...
Photo by cliff1066™ on Flickr
The male mallard. Known sexual deviant. Shiny green head. Here, he's stealing food pellets from massive koi carp at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
Photo by stannate on Flickr
nature eagle wildlife conservation usfws goldeneagle migratorybird seedskadeenwr nwrs
Golden Eagle on Seedskadee NWR
I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! This golden eagle was spotted flying past refuge headquarters. You can see the large bulge in its crop below its neck. The crop is used to store freshly eaten prey, and slowly...
Photo by USFWS Mountain Prairie on Flickr