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Greater Sage Grouse Flying Seedskadee NWR
Greater sage grouse live on sagebrush leaves , 99 percent of their diet, during winter months. Sage grouse lack muscular gizzards and cannot digest hard foods that require a gizzard to grind, like most other game...
Photo by USFWS Mountain Prairie on Flickr
barcelona birds aves viladecans falcocherrug remolar deltallobregat halcondesaker halconsacre fauconsacre
ginebra, halcón sacre 02 - Saker falcon - Falco cherrug
En la planta de trasbase de basuras de Viladecans tenían un grave problema: las gaviotas se habían adueñado del depósito y no podían hacerlas desistir de su presencia, cosa comprensible ya que el suministro de comida...
Photo by ferran pestaña on Flickr
Canary guy
one of my canaries. The colour is called Red Agate. From a distance it looks like an oversized Redpoll. He's a friendly and shy bird, but my other two rascals are showing him the ropes actively, teaching him to trim...
Photo by ressaure on Flickr