Bird Food Samples

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active 4k Camera Recording Sample - Sandhill Cranes Eating Birdfood

Just another sample video of the Galaxy S6 Active recording in 4k. Be sure to view in the highest quality possible to get the best idea of how this phone records.

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My favorite secretary #2
A secretary bird at Burger's Zoo, Arnhem, the Netherlands. Just love the chaotic look of this bird! But don't let it's name & looks fool you: it is a bird of prey! Two other pictures of the same bird can be...
Photo by jinterwas on Flickr
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Food in the belly
I replaced the white background with a texture, ruffed up #8 by SkeletalMess, and a green gradient. Please feel free to take a look at more of my animal pictures in my "all creatures great &...
Photo by jinterwas on Flickr
Carrying a morsel of food, this Chinese crested tern in one of an estimate 50 in existence, making it one of the rarest seabirds in the world (photo courtesy of Fan Zhongyong).
Photo by Oregon State University on Flickr