Bird Food Storage

Grain moths and bird seed

If you purchase pet or wild bird seed, storage can be a concern.

australia nsw rockwarbler origmasolitaria calga
With a mouthful of food. Probably a spider. They nested in a storage shed on our property. They usually nest in sandstone caves in the Hawkesbury Sandstone areas around Sydney. They have quite a limited...
Photo by Greg Miles on Flickr
canada bird nationalpark jay alberta watertonlakes grayjay
gray jay
"The Gray Jay stores large quantities of food for later use. It uses sticky saliva to glue small food items to tree branches above the height of the eventual snow line. It may be this food storage behavior that...
Photo by qmnonic on Flickr
Pit House, Montezuma Well, a Unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument, Rimrock, Arizona
Montezuma Well, a detached unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument, is a natural limestone sinkhole near the town of Rimrock, Arizona through which some 1,500,000 US gallons (5,700,000 L) of water emerge each day...
Photo by Ken Lund on Flickr