Bird Food Truck

Burgers and Tacos at Hot Bird Food Truck

my buddy nick and jason enjoying the gastro delights at Hot Bird Food Truck on Atlantic.

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Silver Lake Jubilee - 0089
Silver Lake Jubilee on Saturday May 22, 2010 - Sunday May 23, 2010 on Myra Avenue between Fountain and Santa Monica Blvd in East Hollywood/Silver Lake area. Event drew many talented musicians/bands and 30+ food...
Photo by SupportPDX on Flickr
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Curve-billed Thrasher (Toxostoma curvirostre)
Area near the RV campground at the Laughlin AFB Southwinds Marina. There were a pair of these guys. One stayed busy looking for food while this one came over close to the truck as if keeping an eye on me? Del Rio,...
Photo by Charles & Clint on Flickr
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Snack Body Dodge
Early Bird Swap Meet, Puyallup, Washington
Photo by Hugo-90 on Flickr