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bald eagle usa us freedom cage charleston aquarium
Freedom in a Cage
I saw this awesome bald eagle at South Carolina Aquarium. Its claws are hitched on the branch and the eagle is confined in a rather small glass cage, which is surrounded by boisterous visitors. Bald eagles represent a...
Photo by Ari He on Flickr
barcelona birds aves nightingale rossinyol ocells lusciniamegarhynchos remolar deltallobregat ruiseñor
ruiseñor 01 - rossinyol - rufous nightingale - luscinia megarhynchos
EL RUISEÑOR Y EL EMPERADOR THE NIGHTINGALE AND THE EMPEROR En China, como sabes muy bien, el Emperador es chino, y chinos son todos los que lo rodean. Hace ya muchos años de lo que voy a contar, mas por eso...
Photo by ferran pestaña on Flickr
berlin glass germany zoo cage chimpanzee nikkor50mmf18 zooberlin nikond610
Sad chimpanzee
At Zoo Berlin.
Photo by Artis Pupins on Flickr