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Getting a Parakeet / Budgie? Here's What You'll Need!

Video describing items you need for basic parakeet care.

Latest News

  • Fire displaces three families

    03/15/17 ,via Waupaca County News

    The fire killed two cats and a parakeet and damaged what could be up to $100,000 in property, according to a news release from New London Fire Department. A neighbor reported smoke billowing The warehouse was full of supplies. The building complex 

  • St. Johns County residents find shelter in local schools, pets in tow

    10/07/16 ,via St. Augustine Record

    St. Augustine resident Yvonne Granstrom, along with her parakeet, Tulip, came to the shelter with a bag of supplies, walking cane and too much experience with extreme weather. She said she was in St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, when Hurricane 

  • 7 questions to ask before getting a pet bird

    01/25/17 ,via Mother Nature Network

    The cost of the supplies alone ranges from $500 to $2,000, not including the cost of the bird and the ongoing monthly costs, which vary depending on the species. As PetYak notes Parrot and parakeet species are hit especially hard. And the African

  • Popular parrot survives theft

    03/06/16 ,via

    Sebastian Espinoza, a team member who works at Pet Supplies Plus at 13450 N. U.S. 183, carried the bird around on his shoulder for months as he opened the business every day. But then Bubba— a type of parrot known as a sun conure parakeet — was 

  • Thoughts on anxiety

    02/18/17 ,via Lewistown Sentinel

    It chews up our energy, destroys good feelings, detracts and divides our mind until our concentration flits from place to place like a parakeet let loose in a home. Sometimes anxiety comes over us in an uncontrollable way, making us freeze in our tracks.


  • Caring for Your Parakeet

    Bellwether Media. 2013. ISBN: 9781612112954,1612112951. 24 pages.

    Parakeets are very intelligent pets and can even learn to talk to their owners! This process can take a while because you must gradually make your parakeet comfortable in its new surroundings. Learn how to talk gently to it and feed it, and soon you will become its favorite companion.

  • The Complete Book of Parakeet Care

    Barron's Educational Series. 1994. ISBN: 0812016882,9780812016888. 142 pages.

    Explains how to select, feed, care for, and breed parakeets.

  • Parakeets And Budgies – Raising, Feeding, And Hand-Training Your Keet

    Lisa Shea. ISBN: 9781312794269,1312794267.

    I have owned parakeets (also called budgies or keets) since I was a tiny toddler. I have photos of my pregnant-with-me-mom's parakeet (named Gandalf), so she owned parakeets even before I was born. Sometimes I've had four parakeets, sometimes just one, but in one way or another parakeets manage to wiggle their fluffy ways into my heart. This book is a compilation of my years of experience, not only with my own parakeets, but also with helping the tens of thousands of parakeet-loving visitors...

  • Parakeets are Fun - All About Parakeets, Budgerigars, And Love Birds

    Read Books Ltd. 2016. ISBN: 9781473355859,1473355850. 36 pages.

    This lovely little book contains a comprehensive and easy-to-digest handbook for canary owners. Complete with helpful diagrams and all the information needed for successful canary management from diet to training, this text is perfect for both the prospective and existing canary owners. The chapters contained herein are: 'Friendly Feathered Pets', 'Personality is the Key', 'Age and Sex', 'Cage and Accessories', 'Placement and Care of the Cage', 'First days at Home', 'French's Natural Feeding...

  • LIFE

    1956. 146 pages.

    LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

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Budgerigars/ Budgies
As you can see here, the upper half of the budgies' beaks is much taller than the bottom half and covers the bottom when closed. The beak does not protrude much, due to the thick, fluffy feathers surrounding it,...
Photo by shankar s. on Flickr