Parrot Stands

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58" Large Bird Parrot Cage Chinchilla Cockatiel Conure House w/Stand Pet Supply

Large Cage✔Sliding Tray✔Non-toxic Coating✔Heavy Duty✔

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53" Large Bird Parrot Pet Cage Chinchilla Cockatiel Conure House with Stand

4 Feeding Cups✔4 swivel caster wheels ✔2 wooden✔

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My parrot stands and how the birds like them | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

Hey fans of feathered friends, I thought I would make this video on parrot stands and what to do if your bird chews up his stand.

africangrey talons pikeplacemarket bird portrait streetartist street one parrot seattle animal
Polly pick your pocket
This parrot was just sitting alone on top of a newspaper stand when I walked past at Pike Place Market in Seattle. I couldn't identify his owner until a little girl stopped to admire the parrot, The owner suddenly...
Photo by docoverachiever on Flickr
parrot recreation parrots hpc jstl
Photo by JSTL reCreation on Flickr
california bird museum july parrot redding 2012 shastacounty sooc turtlebayexplorationmuseum
Feeding Parrots, Turtle Bay Exploration Museum
This was taken in the Parrot Playhouse at Turtle Bay Exploration Museum. For a small fee you can feed the parrots nectar. I equipped my camera with my 300mm lens because I thought the birds would be far away. Boy...
Photo by Ray Bouknight on Flickr