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How to make birds from plastic tape( fish wire)


blue grey beads heart handmade lavender felt string sewn seedbeads lavenderbag dichohecho
The grey felt is my favourite. It's definitely plastic felt and has a strange texture but the colour is lovely. Inspired by these birds and Lupin.
Photo by dichohecho on Flickr
hardware alteredart steampunk shrinkplastic jinglebells peacockfeathers flyingmachine mixedmediaart microbeads alteredwhisk
Altered Whisk- Steampunk Flying Machine
This altered kitchen whisk is now a steampunk flying machine. It has genuine peacock feathers, birds heads made from shrink plastic, body parts made from miscellaneous hardware items, jingle bells, buttons, micro...
Photo by campbelj45ca on Flickr
white cute green animal animals silver with handmade earring craft bands kawaii indie mission earrings lime etsy dangle dcck ibwam ibwamstore
Dangle Bird Earrings
Made with repurposed plastic thrift shop beads. 100% of all profits benefit Indie Bands With a Mission. Help us raise money to donate to the DC Central Kitchen this Christmas (it's like making a donation and getting...
Photo by Indie Bands With a Mission on Flickr