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DisneyCarToys opens Angry Birds themed surprise eggs made for a Easter Egg Hunt.

turtle queensland bundaberg monrepos carettacaretta loggerheadturtle turtlehatchlings
Turtle Hatching at Mon Repos
For every thousand baby turtles that hatch at Mon Repos beach near Bundaberg in Queensland, only one survives to adulthood. Sharks, big fish and circling birds all eat baby turtles, and they die after becoming...
Photo by jemasmith on Flickr
Silly girl climbing a tree with the plastic egg on her head.
Photo by RobBixbyPhotography on Flickr
The monkeys were aggressive, but only in the sense that they wanted to steal some particular food from people. For the most part, they sat calmly and munched on snacks such as potato chips and hard-boiled eggs. We saw...
Photo by Rory Finneren on Flickr