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Vision Plastic Nest Box - Review

Review of the Plastic Vision Nest Box that I have started to use for all of my breeding setups.

turtle queensland bundaberg monrepos carettacaretta loggerheadturtle turtlehatchlings
Turtle Hatching at Mon Repos
For every thousand baby turtles that hatch at Mon Repos beach near Bundaberg in Queensland, only one survives to adulthood. Sharks, big fish and circling birds all eat baby turtles, and they die after becoming...
Photo by jemasmith on Flickr
tree nest pigeon
Nesting Pigeon
An opportune shot of a pigeon in a nest. It was so still and motionless I wondered if it was actually made of plastic!
Photo by Neillwphoto on Flickr
italy man bird death sad rope plastic made 7d april cypress hung vicenza disasters 2011 trissino
This is a sad story. Today I was toying around with my new 7D when I noticed something strange on the cypress just outside my porch. When I pointed the camera at it I was saddened by the view of a bird hung by its...
Photo by unicoletti on Flickr