Prevue Hendryx Cage Cup

prevue cage review UPDATED and which cage for which bird

This video reviews both small metal and latex/plastic powder coated cage for songbirds, doves, canaries, and finches versus wrought iron powder coated prevue .

Squawk Hard, Play Hard - Pet Age

From swinging, climbing, reaching and goofing off, these activities are important,” said Mary Ann Loveland, associate brand manager of Kaytee Hard Goods in Chilton, Wisconsin, who added that recreating this natural behavior in a home environment... Thankfully, outdoor recess opportunities for pet birds are ample, courtesy of a wide variety of play gyms, play stands and related products offered by manufacturers today. Source:

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  • Squawk Hard, Play Hard

    02/23/16 ,via Pet Age

    A case in point is A&E Cage Company's Table Top Java Tree stand and perch, carved from naturally durable java wood from a single coffee tree and mounted on a base made from kapur wood. • Sports-inspired challenges that encourage birds to work a little