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Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot

Chopsticks was rescued from Animal Control in May 2013. He has a fun and unique personality and we wanted to share a little bit about him.

Pets or pests? Quaker parrots invade Madrid - Phys.Org

The small, bright green and grey-breasted birds—also known as monk parakeets—first arrived in Spain in cages as entertaining pets, but some either escaped or were let loose, getting their first taste of freedom in the green, leafy Spanish... Source: phys.org

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  • Pets or pests? Quaker parrots invade Madrid

    10/10/16 ,via Phys.Org

    The small, bright green and grey-breasted birds—also known as monk parakeets—first arrived in Spain in cages as entertaining pets, but some either escaped or were let loose, getting their first taste of freedom in the green, leafy Spanish capital

  • Exotic bird rescue event set at Concord Pets March 18

    03/15/17 ,via CapeGazette.com

    Most birds are not physically or mentally able to survive in the wild. Jazz and Coco's foster family enjoys their antics, their songs, and their companionship. Another foster home in Millsboro cares for four parakeets representing three species. Two

  • Lives "uprooted" for Baby Bird (column)

    A little research revealed that the bird was a Quaker parrot, also known as a monk parakeet. She further learned that possessing Quaker parrots is illegal in Pennsylvania and that, in her words, she was "harboring an illegal bird." If the Game

  • Baby Bird was like their child, and Pa. took him (column)

    Meanwhile, Cindy and Jim scoured Craigslist and the classifieds in the newspaper, looking for "lost bird" ads. They checked pet stores, knowing that people often post "lost pet" fliers there. They didn't see any ads for a missing parrot – for reasons

  • The Wild Parrots of Brooklyn – New York's Cutest Immigrants

    04/25/16 ,via odditycentral (blog)

    Quaker or Monk Parrots were very popular pets during the 70's as they were very cooperative and easy to train, so it's easy to assume that some of them escaped and founded the colonies that today exist all over New York – in Pelham Bay in the Bronx, on


  • Guide to the Quaker Parrot

    Barron's Educational Series. 2017. ISBN: 0764136682,9780764136689. 122 pages.

    The Quaker parrot is a favorite among bird owners because of its endearing personality and its facility for human speech. The new, updated edition of this popular book provides expert advice on Quaker parrot behavior training, grooming, diet, cages, toys, and protecting the inquisitive Quaker parrot from household accidents. The author, a widely recognized expert on parrots, emphasizes the importance of reinforcing desirable behavior and instructs on sensitively replacing undesirable ones,...

  • Quaker Parrot. Quaker Parrots as Pets. Quaker Parrot Keeping, Pros and Cons, Care, Housing, Diet and Health.

    2016. ISBN: 1911142488,9781911142485. 108 pages.

    Known for the peculiar shaking or bobbing of the head, the Quaker parrot or the Monk parrot makes an amazing companion. These birds are known to be entertaining, clever and very curious. They are extremely social birds. These highly intelligent birds are fun to train and can make the best companions because of their friendly and loving nature. In fact, they are among the most popular pet parrot species for all the right reasons. Having a bird this smart can be quite a handful for first time...

  • Teaching Your Bird to Talk

    John Wiley & Sons. 2008. ISBN: 9780470326220,0470326220. 256 pages.

    From two noted experts-the first in-depth book on teaching your bird to talk Teaching a bird to talk isn't as difficult as it may seem. In this easy-to-follow guide, avian experts Diane Grindol and Tom Roudybush reveal how you can communicate with your parrot far beyond "hello" and, in turn, understand what your bird is trying to communicate to you. Teaching Your Bird to Talk compiles an impressive amount of background, training, and research regarding bird vocalizations, walking you step by...

  • Marc Morrone's Ask the Bird Keeper

    i5 Publishing. 2012. ISBN: 9781937049942,1937049949. 128 pages.

    Made famous on The Martha Stewart Show on television and Sirius radio, Marc Morrone is front and center to answer his viewers’ (and his readers’) many questions about their favorite pets. In Ask the Bird Keeper, Marc’s quirky, entertaining personality shines on every page as he spews out his wisdom, know-how, and hilarious anecdotes to answer dozens of questions. Divided into nine chapters, this book offers answers on hundreds of topics about feeding, housing, training, healthy, anatomy, and...

  • The Pet Bird Report


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Brooklyn Parrot Working on Nest
What are Wild Parrots Doing in Brooklyn? "There is much mystery surrounding the appearance of these remarkable birds in Brooklyn, but it can safely be said that they did not fly up here from Argentina on their...
Photo by Tony Fischer Photography on Flickr
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Penn Homecoming 2009
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Wet Birdy
Photo by Andy M Taylor on Flickr