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  • Meat-eating rainbow lorikeet study changes what scientists knew about the birds

    11/02/16 ,via ABC Online

    Rainbow lorikeets were widely believed to feed on pollen, nectar and insects. But Professor Jones received more than 500 emails after the ABC story about meat being a common element in their diet. "Lorikeets and a whole bunch of other parrots were 

  • Sydney's old crock of a cockie was a legend at 120

    03/19/17 ,via Gippsland Times

    The sulphur-crested cockatoo died in 1916 at the ripe old age of 120 the longest-living Australian parrot on record. He lived at the Sea Breeze Hotel at Tom Uglys Point, Blakehurst, and was known for his "patter". His turns of phrase included "one

  • Surprise Sidney Nolan painting outguns his famous Ned Kelly at Gould sale

    Among the top scorers were Brett Whiteley's mixed media work Galah, which brought $854,000, Albert Tucker's Intruder and Parrots, which went below expectations for $610,000, and John Perceval's Fisherman's Sights, Williamstown and Nolan's Burke Lay

  • Remarkable pictures from the world of science

    03/13/17 ,via Irish Times

    Blood vessels of the African grey parrot - The entire system of blood vessels can be seen in this African grey parrot. The vessels have been injected using a new material called Nearly 3,000 images have been taken from medical scans and used here

  • Earth First: Rainbow Lorikeets top the list of country's most common birds

    12/01/16 ,via Central Western Daily

    The top 10 most counted birds in Australia were, in order: Rainbow Lorikeet (Orange has a small resident flock), Noisy Miner, Australian Magpie, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Galah, Red Wattlebird, House Sparrow, Common Myna, Silver Gull and Welcome 


  • A Rainbow of Parrots

    2017. ISBN: 0732984777,9780732984779. 16 pages.

    This book is about parrots and their different colours.Text type: Factual description

  • Priceless

    Andrews McMeel Publishing. 2002. ISBN: 9780740726958,0740726951. 160 pages.

    Striking photographs and an inspirational narrative highlight species of animals that are threatened by extinction, offering a dramatic call to action to preserve the environment, biodiversity, and the creatures that make Earth their home.

  • Rainbow Lorikeets, the Complete Owner's Guide on How to Care for Rainbow Lorikeets, Facts on Habitat, Breeding, Lifespan, Behavior, Diet, Cages, Talki

    Ekl Publications. 2013. ISBN: 1909820229,9781909820227. 166 pages.

    All the facts and information you want to know on how to care for Rainbow Lorikeets and more. A superb resource to answer all your questions, this e-book is a must have for anybody passionate about Rainbow Lorikeets. In a straightforward, no nonsense fashion, Rose Sullivan covers all aspects of caring for these wonderful parrots - including training, health, price, habitat, breeding, lifespan, adoption, behavior, cages, size, talking, diet, suitability as pets, the equipment you need and...

  • Parrots

    A&C Black. 2010. ISBN: 9781408135754,1408135752. 584 pages.

    This is the first book created primarily for the field identification of parrots, one of the most familiar and colorful groups of birds. From the mighty. macaws to the diminutive pygmy parrots, the 350 species of parrots include cockatoos, parakeets, lovebirds, and Budgerigar. Most are brightly colored or even gaudy, but a few are drab, and some are nocturnal and flightess. Parrots, found throughout most of the warmer regions of the world, occur in greatest numbers in Australasian and South...

  • Parrots For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 1118054490,9781118054499. 384 pages.

lorikeet parrot rainbowlorikeet
Rainbow lorikeets - photographed from my desk as I'm working from home
Photo by RaeAllen on Flickr
orange color colour bird fruit canon zoo lorikeet parrot rainbowlorikeet huntervalleyzoo canon7d
Rainbow Lorikeet (Explored)
Rainbow Lorikeet at the Hunter Valley Zoo, Australia. Thanks for the favs and your kind comments. I appreciate it!
Photo by mdalmuld on Flickr
lorikeet parrot rainbowlorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeet from the window
Photo by RaeAllen on Flickr