Recycle Glass Bottles

The smashing story of recycling Glass

The smashing story of recycling Glass shows the journey that takes place for glass bottles and jars from your recycling boxes or bring banks to the reprocessor .

blackandwhite green art glass matrix danger shopping concrete photography grey cow milk bottle smash focus factory break cattle cows time crash accident recycled budget destruction empty failure debris farming explosion environmental drop crack scatter impact dreams depression end instant shock production environment slip waste smashed transparent agriculture recycle fragile liquid crunch shards shatter slippery economics explode emotive consumerism agricultural whoops bullettime destroy greyscale healthandsafety endoftheworld fragmented fragments recyclable manufacturing stylised fragility breakable epicfail econimical pricecrash
Photo by Jon_Callow_Images on Flickr
recycle bottles glass
Brown bottle recycling
At the recycling center, where we drop off our cardboard.
Photo by Aine D on Flickr
africa leica glass tanzania bottles f14 m recycle 50 summilux arusha 240 typ shanga
Empty Bottles
At Shanga in Arusha, Tanzania where products from recycled materials are made and sold by local handicapped people.
Photo by romanboed on Flickr