Red Factor

wild france leaves squirrel wildanimal nut hazelnut tufty redsquirrel écureuil infrance jennypics takeninfrance jennydowning notmyusualkindofpic whoremembersthetuftyclub cutefactorinspades photobyjennydowning ©jennydowning2010
whisky frisky
Whisky Frisky, Hippity hop, Up he goes To the tree-top! Whirly, twirly, Round and round, Down he scampers To the ground. Furly, curly, What a tail! Tall as a feather, Broad as a sail! Where's his supper? In the...
Photo by jenny downing on Flickr
NASA’s Hubble Telescope Makes First Atmospheric Study of Earth-Sized Exoplanets
Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have conducted the first search for atmospheres around temperate, Earth-sized planets beyond our solar system and found indications that increase the chances of...
Photo by NASA Hubble on Flickr
Flash woes
For some reason, my 580ex II has been having problems with the AF-beam. Seemingly at random, certain shots have the beam visible in them. When this happens, either the flash fails to fire (which produces a very dark...
Photo by mattymatt on Flickr