Red Parakeet

Red Rump Parakeet

Our Red Rump Parakeet responding.

budgie budgerigar parakeet keet firebrigade bird red color
Make Pumps 5
Fire Brigade Budgie
Photo by Jan Tik on Flickr
mitredparakeet parrot wildparrot parakeet feral feralparrot california tree swinging hanging playing play green redhead olympus em1 300mmf4 mzuiko mirrorless m43 microfourthirds omd birds wildlife
Wild Parrot Communion
Mitred Parakeets, feral, in California. They were playing on a dead vine protruding from a palm tree.
Photo by Ingrid Taylar on Flickr
flower redflower redgum
Food for honey eaters
We have loads of honey eaters and noisy parakeets visiting these, and gorging themselves on the nectar.
Photo by raider of gin on Flickr