Singing Canary

Jan 16, 07:41 PST

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Singing Canaries by Klaus Speicher

by Klaus Speicher | HC | Acceptable

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CANARY SINGING - Serinus canaria

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Placido the Crested Gloster Canary
Secretly, I call him Andy Rooney. I don't think I ever heard him sing anyway.
Photo by Zeetz Jones on Flickr
road male bird me yellow spring backyard goldfinch maine aves finch american molt falmouth cumberland animalia americangoldfinch watcher carduelistristis fringillidae hadlock passeriformes carduelis passerine chordata tristis spinus vertebrata amgo spinustristis inaturalist:observation=1091544
Pure Gold: American Goldfinch Male
Notice mottling on head and neck. Dull winter feathers are still wearing away to reveal breeding plumage Gold finches are a little smaller than sparrows. In spring and summer, the male is bright yellow with black...
Photo by InAweofGod'sCreation on Flickr
bird portugal canary
Sing for me!
Photo by Hanna Norlin on Flickr