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Crazy Talking Cockatoo Calling the Dog...Bird

Elvis Cockatoo using his sqeak toy voice to call the dog.

look cat eyes kat killer sniper fred hunter staring housecat kater steal tomcat jager sneak sluipen carnivoor
Fred da Housecat - If looks could kill the mouse was probably dead
Games without frontiers, claws without fears See Fred da Housecat talking to the birds and tweeting (!) on YouTube :
Photo by e³°°° on Flickr
wildlife centre surrey peter honey badger british trimming 2012 meles newchapel
'Honey' Foraging
Seen at the British Wildlife Centre, Newchapel, Surrey. 'Honey' hoovering up the food, just after the end of the Keeper's talk.
Photo by Peter G Trimming on Flickr
taxonomy:family=psittacidae taxonomy:binomial=araararauna taxonomy:common=blueandyellowmacaw geo:lat=3858 geo:long=7054
Ara ararauna
The Blue and Yellow (or Gold) Macaw is a popular pet, as it bonds with humans and can learn to talk. This one is tame, near Amacayacu Park on the Amazon River in Colombia.
Photo by Dick Culbert on Flickr