Tropical Birds Pets

Picking the Right Bird for a Pet

Birds can make great pets but they need great owners.

singapore jurongbirdpark tropicalbirds singaporebirdpark
Jurong Bird Park, Singapore
Photo by Michael Gwyther-Jones on Flickr
panther wildlife nature honduras roatanhonduras chadsparkesphotography macro macrophotography animal bigcat canoneosrebelt5 15challengeswinner 15 challenges winner
Gorgeous Panther
Saw this gorgeous panther on a island off of Roatan Honduras which housed a number of animals including Margays,leopards,monkeys,tropical birds,crocodiles and even a pair of walruses. The only change I made to this...
uk greatbritain england bird nature animal yellow zoo eyes nikon cheshire britain wildlife great conservation chester raptor owl stare prey d200 captive avian captivity upton chesterzoo nikond200 caughall preyyoungjuvenilecloseclose upmacrofacecutebabyowlowlettropicalspectacledspectacled
Young Spectacled Owl
Photographed at Chester Zoo