Victorian Cage

Victorian bustle cage 0001

Part One of how to build a Victorian Bustle Cage.

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Lambing & Daffodils at Kentwell Hall 28-03-2004
Kentwell - a very different experience: a romantic, completely moated, mellow redbrick Tudor mansion in a tranquil parkland setting - but so much more. A 30+ years Restoration Project In 1970 Kentwell stood...
Photo by Karen Roe on Flickr
ford 4wd f150 victoria ambulance f historical series service 1992 society fseries transfield
1992 Ford F-150 4WD ambulance
1992 Ford F-150 4WD ambulance. Fibreglass ambulance body fitted by Transfield Industries in Queensland and was used in the Victorian snowfields. It represents a typical ambulance used in Victoria in the 1990's,...
Photo by sv1ambo on Flickr
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von Hedwig explores the villiain's lair
Illustration from "The Cage" segment of the von Hedwig's Voyage to Antafrica