White Breeding Cage

Breeding Cage - Voliera per allevamento Model 1310C (With paper)

Complete breeding SET with paper supports, on four levels with two boxes (50+50cm) per level.

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White bellied Sea Eagle
The other raptor at the entrance was this White Bellied Sea Eagle. We have met this fellow as well earlier, in my Davao album. This bird too was probably tied up to avoid escape but was mercifully not in a mesh cage....
Photo by shankar s. on Flickr
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'Solemn Shade'
Although his cell can no longer be seen, legend places the hermitage of Sir Eglamore on this spot, overlooking the roaring waters of Aira Force, where the knight's true love, Emma, fell to her death. Local tradition...
Photo by *ErinBrierley* on Flickr
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Java Sparrow- beige
A beautiful bird in the Penang Bird Park in a very pleasing beige- brown colour is the Java Sparrow. He was one difficult chap to capture as he was hyperactive, hopping up and down and about the cage and the tree...
Photo by shankar s. on Flickr