White Cockatiel

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White Cockatiel Whistling!

Wolf whistling and kissing sounds.


  • KJ Goes Invisible

    Koola Kaye. 2015. ISBN: 9780992353414,0992353416. 34 pages.

    Introducing the Adventures of KJ the White CockatielKJ Goes Invisible is an inter-active children's picture book that incorporates colour charts, counting and spotting KJ within the story. A suitable read for parents and their young children, primary school students and anyone with a great affection for their pets.We first meet KJ and Koko in "KJ Goes Invisible". In this adventure, KJ the White Cockatiel loves to hide from Koko. Koko has trouble finding KJ because everything in the house is...

  • The Cockatiel Handbook

    Barron's Educational Series. 2017. ISBN: 0764142925,9780764142925. 139 pages.

    Provides the facts, advice, and fascinating insight you need to raise happy, healthy cockatiels.

  • Cockatiels

    Heinemann-Raintree Library. 2017. ISBN: 1403408246,9781403408242. 48 pages.

    Presents information about the physical characteristics, behavior, and history of cockatiels and discusses keeping and caring for these birds as pets.

  • Cockatiel Mutations

    BookBaby. 2012. ISBN: 9780987334794,0987334794. 160 pages.

    In the US there are 14 established mutations of the cockatiel, excluding the normal grey which is not a mutation. This book is your visual guide to the bounty of color and mutations that are available. Packed with over 175 collage images, this book is one of the definitive guides to cockatiel breeding and mutations available. Common questions that are asked and answered in this book include: - What mutation is my bird? - What is my bird split to? - What does dimorphic mean? - What sex is my...

  • Yellow, White, and Orange Cockatiel Bird Journal

    Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016. ISBN: 1537003089,9781537003085. 150 pages.

    This notebook of 150 lined pages awaits your writing pleasure. It can be your daily diary, a collection of random thoughts, a journal of your hopes and dreams, a "to-do" list, or even a "to-don't" list! The choice is all yours. Enjoy!

pet bird cockatiel lowkey
Cockatiel - Take off
2x Nikon SB-910 in TTL (Nikon CLS) With white umbrellas one above and to the front left of the subject the second also above but to the rear right of the subject. Triggered via pop up flash, no lighting added from...
Photo by Haslam Digital on Flickr
white bird yellow wings florida wing disney perch perched cockatiel waltdisneyworld animalkingdom
Photo by Ganksy on Flickr
white bird netherlands closeup kiss kissing zoen sweet ngc stock beak nederland vogels free cc creativecommons cockatiel cockatoo wit inlove vogel lief oiseaux bek avifauna kus onblack parkiet kussen vogelpark nymphicushollandicus kaketoe zoenen coth snavel supershot freetouse quarrion zwarteachtergrond weiro alittlebeauty coth5 5wonderwall
A love birds' kiss
Cockatiels at Avifauna, the Netherlands, in a romantic mood on Valentine's day :) !! Left is the male (getting bald) & on the right the female (with her grungy 'feather'-do) :)) !! My photostream on black or on...
Photo by jinterwas on Flickr