Wooden Bird Cages

69" Large Bird Pet Cage Wooden Bridge Ladder Parrot Cockatiel Conure Chinchilla

6 Feeding Cups✔3 Perch✔4 Swivel Caster Wheels✔2 Brakes✔

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Pets Imperial® Large Wooden Hexagonal Bird Aviary Cage Birds Parrot Canary

Traditional Wooden Bird Aviary, Fantastic Build Quality

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Homemade Custom Wooden Bird Cage

Hey everyone, Thanks for stopping by and checking out my homemade wooden bird cage.

Beijing Market - Gardens of Time Chapter 3
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Photo by chaodoze on Flickr
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Arwen the Grey parrot contemplates my camera from atop an old wooden bird feeder that sits on her cage. Arwen is a young adult (2010 hatch) captive-bred and hand-fed Congo African grey parrot, Psittacus erithacus....
Photo by GrrlScientist on Flickr
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Rickety wooden bird cage
Nearly fell apart when I tried to move it a little bit for a picture. The person was charging a ton for this POS. Haha... well, at least it looked awesome, but it never would have made it home!
Photo by BLW Photography on Flickr