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We Made It by Jennifer Garner - Kids Bird Costume


Giant chicken looks like a 'grown man in a costume,' according to internet - Fox News

The site also pegs this particular chicken as being from Kosovo, since the footage was initially uploaded to a chicken-themed Facebook group based in the country. According to Mashable , however, the chicken in the footage is very likely a Brahma chicken, a breed that was popular in the U. S. as a source of meat during the turn of the 20 century. Source:

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  • Giant chicken looks like a 'grown man in a costume,' according to internet

    03/20/17 ,via Fox News

    Move over, 13-foot alligator — the internet is obsessed with a different enormous animal today. Footage of a ridiculously large chicken has been sweeping the internet after a Twitter user named LifesBook_CEO uploaded a video of the bulky bird on

  • University's Textile and Costume Museum to host Your Friends' Closet Sale

    03/24/17 ,via LSU Now

    Pamela Rabalais-Vinci is the mastermind behind this celebration of historical costumes and fashions. This Saturday, March 25, the museum is hosting the 11th annual Your Friends' Closet Sale. The sale, which begins at 9 a.m. for early birds and 10 a.m

  • Why is big bird in Central Park? [PHOTOS, VIDEO] – Metro

    02/23/17 ,via

    If you go bird watching in Central Park, you might catch a rare canary sighting.

  • Six Triops: the worst present imaginable

    03/22/17 ,via The Outline

    My daughter's third birthday brought a shower of extremely good presents into our home because, after years of my friends and family knowing and loving her, she can finally actually “do things.” She's mastered basic motor skills, can speak and walk

  • The Official BCI 2017 NCAA Hockey Tournament Mascot Rankings

    03/24/17 ,via BC Interruption

    So he doesn't really look much like a falcon, but he is clearly a bird and he is in the school's colors. The bright blue and yellow go together on a mascot better than UMass Lowell's bright blue and red do, so the falcon doesn't come off as garish as

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Gatorland 2012
Photos Taken @ Gatorland Florida
costume scifi dragoncon
DragonCon 2012
Too bad the lighting is so bad in this photo. Her makeup was fantastic.
Photo by rhonogle on Flickr
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Belshazzar’s Feast - detail
from my tumblr blog
Photo by fiverlocker on Flickr