58 T Bird

1958-1960 Ford Thunderbird - The Square Bird

By the 1970s this personal.

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  • Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/16/17

    06/16/17 ,via Pinstripe Alley

    Newsday | Erik Boland: Greg Bird's imminent return isn't so imminent after all. He had been struggling during the Triple-A portion of his rehab and we finally know why. The Yankees have “pulled the plug” on Bird's rehab for now after he reported that

  • Incredible photo reveals the moment a praying mantis captures a hummingbird mid-air

    06/21/17 ,via Daily Mail

    The remarkable photo captures the moment a mantis dangles from a bird feeder with a hummingbird in its clutches. While it may seem shocking, this behaviour isn't all that rare; experts say mantises are known to catch the small birds and chew on their

  • Clown reportedly chased people on bike path

    . By KTVA Web Staff 1:58 PM June 19, 2017 Alaska's mountain running community is still reeling from the death of a 16-year-old boy who was killed by a black bear following the Bird Ridge Race on Sunday

  • What does a healthy Greg Bird mean for the Yankees' offense?

    06/11/17 ,via Pinstripe Alley

    Last in wRC+ (58), last in wOBA (.260), tied for 29th in fWAR (-0.8, tied with the Mariners!). For a team with the “Bronx Bombers” moniker, it's been surprising to see just how bad they've been at a position known for its prodigious power. Enter Greg

  • Gatland 'pleased' as midweek men find scoring touch

    06/21/17 ,via Independent.ie

    Chiefs - S Stevenson; T Pulu (C Tiatia 12), T Nanai-Williams, J Fa'auli, S Alaimalo (L Laulala 66); S Donald, F Christie (J Taumateine 58); S Fisiihoi (A Ross 65), L Polwart (H Elliot 60), N Laulala (A Moli ); D Bird, M Allardice (M Karpik 65); M Brown

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Helena, Montana
Helena is the capital city of the U.S. state of Montana and the county seat of Lewis and Clark County. The 2010 census put the population at 28,180, and the Lewis and Clark County population at 63,395. Helena is the...
Photo by 5of7 on Flickr
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dazzled maniac Jim Morrison drowns out the haunting whimper of a coyote dying on the road by his dreadful death-scream into the abyssal sun ... HWY 01:23:47
At 01:23:47 in HWY the Ηνίοχος James Douglas Morrison replies and drowns out the whimpering of a dying coyote hit by a car that in excess of ten seconds (@ 01:23:35) before he had witnessed lying on the highway - not...
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Nanotyrannus lancensis theropod dinosaur (Hell Creek Formation, Late Cretaceous; Carter County, southeastern Montana, USA) 2
Nanotyrannus lancensis (Gilmore, 1946) theropod dinosaur skull (60 cm long) from the Cretaceous of Montana, USA (public display, CMNH 5741, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, Ohio, USA). A remarkable...
Photo by James St. John on Flickr