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How I made a stone birdbath (Mike Haduck)

Mike Haduck makes a birdbath out of cobble stone, I copy a few that his uncle Joe made 40 years ago.


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sculpture green abandoned girl stone angel moss wings dress mygearandme
I'll always be hard as stone, I will always be alone
This was a very small sculpture of a angel that was perched on the edge of a bird bath at Carnglaze caverns in Cornwall. There is a fairy themed garden there that you walk around whilst waiting for the allotted...
Photo by sagesolar on Flickr
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Where are they Now? - A-Z of Bristol bands - Songwriters - Musicians
image above: Black Roots were a roots reggae band from the St. Paul's area of Bristol, England formed in 1979. They released several albums before splitting up in 1990. A The Agents: Post Punk band (1980–1983). In...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
water stone swim zoo eagle massachusetts bald
Nation's Bird Bath
Photo by Eric Kilby on Flickr