Red Knot Bird

Super Bird!! Plight of the Red Knot

This remarkable little bird migrates thousands of miles each year on its annual migration from the tip of South America to its breeding grounds in the Arctic.

[0141] Nematopogon schwarziellus
A rare moth rediscovered...181 years later! We did another field trip this week to Hexton Chalk Pit on Wednesday night. The evening was bright and sunny, a beautiful sight...but not a good sign for mothing. The...
Photo by Bennyboymothman on Flickr
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Red knot
Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge/ USFWS
Photo by USFWS Headquarters on Flickr
Red knot
Red knots are masters of aviation. Some fly more than 9,300 miles from south to north every spring and repeat the trip in reverse every autumn, making them one of the longest-distance migrants in the animal kingdom....
Photo by USFWS/Southeast on Flickr