T Bird The Crow

Brandon Lee Kill T bird The CrowKarga 1994


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Birdwatcher Anonymous
One of my great-nieces turned the camera on this old bird while we were on our Latta Park outing this morning. We didn't get close enough to get any really good photos, but we did continue learning to tell Grackles...
Photo by 611catbirds, too on Flickr
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Quoth the Raven "Nevermore"
Or maybe it's a crow? In any case, nevermore refers to the drinking water that used to bubble out of this fountain. For some reason, the public fountains no longer run, and you can't blame it on drought in Oregon.
Photo by docoverachiever on Flickr
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So, I think this is a raven and not a crow and this is why. 1.) It was biggish. 2.) It's beak was thickisher. 3.) It walked one foot infront of the other instead of jumping with two feet. Other things that...
Photo by emdot on Flickr