The Legendary Birds

ash and lugia VS the legendary birds

Ash and Lugia VS The Legendary Birds - Clip from Pokemon The Movie 2000: The Power Of One.

bird birds upupaepops hoopoe commonhoopoe
Upupa epops This tiny bird is the leader of a group of birds seeking the legendary Simurgh (phoenix) in Attar's The Conference of the Birds. They ultimately realise that they themselves are their own destination,...
Photo by ~Shanth on Flickr
venice summer italy pigeons ground paving piazzasanmarco stmarkssquare hotday
The legendary pigeons of St Mark's square
As seen here.
Photo by dichohecho on Flickr
water humor goose skip
Disqualified for Fowl Play!
Shock and disbelief rippled across the nation today as the legendary stone skipper, Bud, was barred from competing at this years world championship. Judges called Fowl Play when an amateur photographer caught this...