The Yellow Birds

The Yellow Birds Trailer

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any songs or footage from this video.

lessergoldfinch goldfinch lesser spinuspsaltria finch bird yellow bottlebrush beak injury mandible california olympus omd em1 mzuiko 300mmf40 mzuiko300mmf40 mirrorless microfourthirds m43 wildlife californiabirds californiawildlife
Goldfinch on Bottlebrush
I couldn't make out the issue or possible injury to the lower mandible of the beak, but this Lesser Goldfinch (Spinus psaltria) was feeding well.
Photo by Ingrid Taylar on Flickr
pigeon green grass yellow flowers pretty red eye
pigeon in the city
I sat on a tiny green spot surrounded by buildings and streets and felt connected for a second to this bird. Then he noticed the lack of food and turned his back on me...and I remembered I was in the city. Life.
Photo by marneejill on Flickr
larusdelawarensis gull seagull ringbilled bird shell eating food profile closeup olypus olympus omd em1 300mmf4 300mm mirrorless microfourthirds m43 california nonbreeding breeding plumage transitional red orbital orange bill yellow white gray
Ring-Billed Gull and Shell
Larus delawarensis in winter plumage, transitioning into breeding plumage with the red orbital ring and some red at the corner of his/her mouth. Olympus E-M1 + m.zuiko 300mm f/4 post-processed in Lightroom...
Photo by Ingrid Taylar on Flickr