Feeders Trailer

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Feeders Trailer

A film by Kyle Clements.

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    The temperature inside the trailer is important too. One of In one study, Schwartzkopf-Genswein and a colleague found shrink levels for feeder cattle to be 7.9 per cent (well above the level for fat cattle, which typically have shrink of five per

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    Science-based transportation standards, training and verification can protect animal welfare, beef quality and public perceptions of cattle production.

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    "The showroom will stock a wide range of trailers including ATV, plant, industrial, car transporter, livestock and horse boxes, so whether you are looking to drop garden waste at the recycling centre or use a more heavy duty trailer for industrial use

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    Storey Publishing. 2012. ISBN: 9781612122588,1612122582. 192 pages.

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  • Transportation Corps


humming bird feeder interesting
Humming Bird at Feeder
Found some sweet sweet sugar water! Taken at my parents trailer where I spent the weekend. These humming birds were used to humans being near, so I was only about 2m away when I took this. It took about half an...
Photo by Martin Cathrae on Flickr
panorama stitch ups trucks feeders trailers customercenter
UPS - Hermiston, OR
Customer center and hub. Seemed like there were docks for about a dozen package cars and at least twice as many for feeders.
Photo by Atomic Taco on Flickr
canada birds hummingbird
Female ruby throated hummingbirds
There were always around a dozen hummingbirds around the feeders at Paul's trailer. Notice the tongue sticking out of the bird in front.
Photo by jecabello on Flickr