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Sep 25, 03:25 PDT

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Wool/Yarn Feeder

I make a simple wool/yarn feeder, which will pay out the wool as my wife needs it as she is knitting.

winter red macro ice crystals yarn dcr250 raynox
String Theory
Okay, so this has little to do with string theory, but I am sure some link could be made between the crystal structures if you really had to. This piece of yarn was holding up a bird feeder. It sprouted ice during a...
Photo by phil41dean on Flickr
Small piece of sponge is the feeder used for Woolly Nylon on the 54 needle cylinder. TheWN if fed through the sponge with a darning needle. It feeds evenly with the yarn but does not ply around it.
Photo by soxophone player on Flickr
Upper leftshows Woolly Nylon feeder used with the 72 needle cylinder...it plys the Woolly Nylon with the yarn.
Photo by soxophone player on Flickr