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100% Anti-Bird Spikes Stainless Pin Wall Fence Metal Pigeon Protection Deterrent

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Anti-Bird Spikes Stainless Pin Panel

Techno-Bird presents “MODOREN Bird proof equipment

Excellent bird proof equipment comes with special SPRING type STAINLESS steel. Prevent bird perching and carping on building, floor or other equipment.

Installation area

Temple, church, household, factory, buildings, roof frame, I-Beam, H-Beam. The equipment is weatherproof, can be installed at indoor and outdoor area.


  1. Prevent bird perching among the building beam or nesting in the area. Bird cannot perch in the area, then bird cannot make their nest. Problem solved!
  2. The equipment is made from excellent grade stainless SUS, with 7cm.-14cm. widths. The substratum is made from high quality plastic pc, stainless and fiber is more durable than other models. The equipment can be attached to any installation area with out heat ventilation problem.
  3. The equipment do not requires any power source or electric power. Less maintenance. Nice design and invisible. 10 years lifetime (depends on the material, plastic pc at outdoor installation area has around 5-7 years lifetime.)

The images show installation of bird proof equipment from Techno-Bird. The equipment is invisible, so it is not effect to the building appearance.

Basic knowledge about Stainless wire

Stainless is used in the making of bird proof equipment thus stainless grade are vary. 100% Stainless cannot be used to produce bird proof equipment as technically, wire extruding for 100% stainless cannot be done. 100% stainless is used in the making of knife or other sheet product. 100% stainless cannot be coiled due to it is very hard. The storage need to be huge and long for hundreds kilometer, which is not possible. Therefore, the stainless wire must be named with SUS at front and followed by grade in example, amount of carbon or usage purpose. Techno-Bird...

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